Shape Collage Demo Video

Here’s a video that I created that shows the main features of Shape Collage:

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  1. anna Says:

    shape collage is so awesome, and you’re so hot, i wanna have your baby

  2. Helen Says:

    Just downloaded Shape Collage and am amazed how quickly and easily it does it’s thing. as I can’t resist tweaking things I saved my collages as PSD’s and took them into Photoshop CS$ just like you did in you demo video. Unfortunately I was unable to move any of my images even though I removed the drop shadows as per your recommendation. I noticed in the video you’re using CS$ Extended and I have regular photoshop. Is this the reason or am I using the wrong tool. I tried the Move tool and I tried to copy and paste an image to the desired location with no luck. any help would be most welcome as I have dozens of projects to try out.

  3. Vincent Cheung Says:

    The PSD’s work in all versions of Photoshop. Make sure that you are selecting the right layer when you are trying to move the photos around. To make this easier, check the “Auto-Select: Layer” option when using the move tool.

  4. WeeGee Says:

    Hi Vincent,

    I’m desperately waiting for the next version… hoping that it includes a “save project” feature. Or at least a “save selected pictures list”. :-)

  5. Vincent Cheung Says:

    The next version is close to being done and it has a “save project” feature!

  6. Heather Says:

    I love your shape collage program! I have already shared it with a lot of my teacher-friends, who are using it as well… Such a great tool, so quick and easy to use, thanks!

  7. Kathie M Thomas Says:

    I just love your program! What a wonderful tool for playing with photos. I’ve made a collage of 9 of my best images and have it now printed and framed in my office. I will definitely my readers about this one!

  8. JungJae Smith Says:

    The video refers to a PSD file but it doesn’t tell me how to set one up. Is there a lesson somewhere available on how to do that?

  9. Vincent Cheung Says:

    You have to upgrade to Shape Collage Pro and then when you create the collage, save it as a Photoshop PSD file (instead of a JPG or PNG).

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