Shape Collage Inc’s 1 Year Anniversary

Today marks the official 1 year anniversary of Shape Collage Inc!

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  2. enkidu Says:

    You shouldn’t be astonished by ShapeCollage’s success : I have been looking for just such an app for 12 years, ever since I bought my first digital camera.
    The fact that you chose to write a portable java app is an extra bonus.
    Plus, it’s blazingly fast !! Truly, thanks for an excellent app !

  3. Jeff Says:

    How do you import image masks?

  4. Vincent Cheung Says:

    Click “Custom Shape” as the shape and in the pop-up window, click “Load”. You can also drag and drop the image mask right into the custom shape area. You can see a demo of this in the help video:

  5. enkidu Says:

    Vincent, I just noticed v2.5.3 just popped out.
    Could you keep a more formal changelog ?
    This one seems almost a photocopy of the previous …

    thanks again for the good work

  6. Vincent Cheung Says:

    There is a formal changelog, but it hasn’t been posted yet.

    Here it is:

    New Features
    Translated into فارسی and עברית
    Support right-to-left languages
    Added option to ignore embedded ICC Profiles in JPEG images

    Save state of the multithreaded option across sessions

    Improved reading of JPEG images with color profile errors
    Improved reading of JPEG images in CMYK
    Fixed bug with fonts of size 1pt

  7. enkidu Says:

    Thanks !

  8. Stephan Says:

    Hi Vincent !
    I just wondering what di I get when upgrading to the Pro version.
    Is it a Lifetime License ?
    Or do I have to pay again when ShapeCollage comes to version 3.0 or above?


  9. Stephan Says:

    Ah, Just one suggestion:
    When drawing a custom shape itz would be nice when the canvas is the same as the choosen dimensions of the collage…
    E.g. when I want to make a custom shape on a 1920×1080 wide screen…..
    The custom shape canvas is still a rectangle one…..
    I wanted to make a custom shape so that I had a wallpaper where the pictures would be only within a drawn border of my choosen size of the collage…..
    I hope I expressed it right…

  10. Vincent Cheung Says:

    The license that you get when you upgrade to Pro does not expire. There will be some free upgrades included, but future versions may not be included (this hasn’t been planned, but if there is a significant change and a lot of major new features added, then this may be the case).

    If you want more advanced custom shapes, then it is better to create the shape in an image editor like Photoshop, in which case, you can create the custom shape in the right dimensions and then load that shape into the program.

  11. Gloria Says:

    Vincent, Congratulations for this wonderful idea. Just a question: I made a heart shape with pictures from my co-workers. I wonder if I can use it to participate in a contest to promote Diversity in the Workplace. If I win or that “heart picture” is posted in my Institution Web Site I will not get any economical benefit, just a congratulation. Please let me know if I am allow to send the picture to the contest. Gloria

  12. Vincent Cheung Says:

    Hi Gloria,

    Yes, you are allowed to submit your collage in the contest and put it on your website. Good luck!

  13. Will Says:

    What a great concept and the software program was built so well. It’s so hard to find a program that allows for easy navigation and ease of use. The only feature I wish it had is a manual option which allows users to arrange each photo to their liking. Do you know if this option will be implemented in future versions? Please email me. Thanks.

  14. Vincent Cheung Says:

    It’s a feature that we hope to implement in the future. We have a manual option in our new web app:

    With Shape Collage Pro, you can also save the collage in Photoshop PSD format and edit the collage manually:

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