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Shape Collage 2.0

Monday, December 1st, 2008

Shape Collage 2.0 has been released!

A lot of new features have been added in this release, so many that I skipped version 1.1 and went right to 2.0 :) . As before, Shape Collage automatically creates beautiful looking photo collages in any shape you want with just a few mouse clicks in under a minute and is free for personal use!

These are the big highlights in this release:

  • Photo box 
    • Drag and drop photos into the photo box to add photos for the collage
    • Remove photos from the box that you don’t want in the collage
  • Faster
    • Improved rendering procedures means that your collage gets made faster
    • Multithreaded for even more speed with multi-core systems
  • Better layouts
    • Improved algorithm for placing photos in the collage
  • More customization
    • Change the font and add symbols for text shape collages
    • Use a photo as the background
    • Change the colour and size of the photo borders

Shape Collage 2.0 Release Notes
Dec. 1, 2008

New Features

  • Added drag and drop capabilities to add photos for the collage
  • Added ability to choose which photos appear in the collage via the photo drop box
  • Added ability to rotate the photos in the photo drop box
  • Added option to select a background colour or photo
  • Added option to change the colour and size of the photo borders
  • Added a preview image of the photo with its border
  • Added option to change the font and style for text shapes
  • Added a character map to easily add symbols for text shapes
  • The size of the collage and photos can now be specified in units of pixels, inches, cm, or font size
  • Multithreaded for increased speed


  • The “Watch layout animation” option now comes into effect immediately, even if the layout is currently occurring
  • The Exif orientation metadata tag in jpeg images is now read and used to appropriately rotate the photos
  • Improved layout creation so that the photos stay within the bounds of the shape
  • Extended the “jagged boundary” option to all the different collage shapes
  • Added support for GIF images in collages
  • Increased performance with images with non-sRGB color profiles
  • Improved image resizing quality
  • Reduced the memory requirement of saving as a PSD, so extremely large collages can be created when saving as a PSD


  • Added a status bar to provide help and info
  • Changed the sliders to combined sliders and spinners
  • Added a scroll bars on the application for screens with small resolution
  • Alerts users when attempting to use a transparent background and saving as a jpeg
  • Displays a thumbnail of the custom shape mask on the main interface
  • Shows previews of photos and masks when loading images
  • Added a file menu items for executing tasks


  • Fixed a bug in writing RLE images in PSD
  • Fixed the anti-aliasing of photo edges in JDK 1.5
  • Fixed a divide by zero error in the layout
  • Fixed a numerical stability error in the layout
  • Safely handles custom masks of size 0
  • Safely handles images that cannot be properly read
  • Correctly determines the appropriate size of the photo for the layout