Java Distributed Computing System

Latest version:

Version 1.3 - DistributedClient1.3.jar


Help me do my research!

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  1. Download and install the latest Java JDK from Sun.

  2. Download the client program.


    If you use Internet Explorer, you may need to change
    the file extension to ".jar" because IE is dumb.
    Get Firefox!
  3. Double-click the "jar" file downloaded in step 2.

  4. Sit back and relax as your computer helps me do my research!


Java Distributed Computing Client

Communication Diagram

Java Distributed Computing Communication Diagram



What is this?

A Java based distributed computing system.

What is this for?

For performing large computational tasks for my research.

What is going on?

Work is being handed out to computers (like yours).  These computers then perform the requested computations and return the results to me.

What research is being performed?

This system isn't restricted to any particular type of work, so it could performing anything that I'm currently working on.  If you are interested in finding out about my research, see my research page.

How much does this cost?
Is someone making money from this?
Is this military related?

This doesn't cost you (or me) anything.  This is for my own PhD research.  No money is being made from this.  No military related research is being performed.  No humans or animals are being hurt or will be hurt because of this research.

Am I doing your work for you?

Well, you are performing computations for me, but you're not doing my work for me :). You're doing my computer's work.

How can I help?

You can be a client in this system by running my program on your computer.  See the instructions at the top of the page.

Why are you asking me to install the JDK instead of just the Java Runtime Environment (JRE)?

Because the JRE doesn't allow you to run in "server" mode, which is faster than running in regular "client" mode.  If you just have the JRE, the distributed client will not run in optimized mode.  If you don't want to install the JDK, but still want to run in optimized mode to be the fastest you can be, download this and put it in a folder called "server" in your Java JRE "bin" directory.

Is this going to install spyware or a virus on my computer?

No.  I don't know how to do that.

The program doesn't run!

Well, that doesn't help me much in debugging your problem, but you can try manually executing the program from command line (the java bin directory needs to be in your path):

java -jar DistributedClient1.3.jar

Why can't I connect to the server?
Why isn't my computer doing any work?

I am not always running programs that need to be distributed.  The client will periodically check if work needs to be done.

Can I download the source code?

I will eventually be posting the source code here.

System Requirements

1.  A computer (Windows, Mac, Linux, whatever).
2.  An Internet connection.