FaceDown “Cease and Desist”

Facebook has demanded that FaceDown be taken down as it violates Facebook’s Terms of Use.  FaceDown, in its current state, is no longer available.

I do believe that what FaceDown does (downloads photos from Facebook) is highly useful and I believe that information and data should not be locked inside one proprietary system.  If in the future, Facebook allows this functionality of data portability, then FaceDown may reappear in one form or another.

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  1. aphw Says:

    How does it violate the terms exactly?

  2. lol Says:

    probably by letting you peer into albums where you shouldn’t etc. anyway, we all have our copy now… nice tool.

  3. FaceDown Says:

    Here’s a snippet from the cease and desist letter:

    Specifically, Facebook’s Terms of Use prohibit:

    – Solicitation of other users’ passwords;

    – Use of automated scripts to collect information from, or otherwise interact with, the Facebook Web site;

    – Using the Facebook service or site for commercial purposes, except under advertising programs offered by Facebook;

    – Incorporating any Facebook site content or information in any other database or compilation; and

    – The modification, copying, distribution, framing, reproduction, republishing, downloading, scraping, displaying, posting, transmitting or selling of, in any form or by any means, in whole or in part, the Facebook site content without the Company’s prior written permission.

  4. H Says:

    wow… this is such a shame. FaceDown was a great time-saving tool. will definitely look out for future forms of it in the future. :(

  5. Name Says:

    Link to the old version?… just for research purposes…

  6. Bakahashi Says:

    Man, that is such a shame. I only used facedown as a time saver.

  7. Pablo Says:

    You could still leak it to BitTorrent or some other P2P…

  8. Meep Says:

    Okay, so how do they have any legal authority whatsoever? Do “terms of use” things actually have any legal merit? It seems bizarre that a website can, in effect, decide exactly how I receive the content in it.

  9. Dan Says:

    my girlfriend NEEDS this tool, she spends hours saving pictures individually to get them printed.

    If anyone could send me a sneaky email with the program (or code??) to braggy at gmail dot com I would be forever grateful!


  10. Joe Says:

    Surely you could easily avoid any accusation of evildoing by creating a generic album downloader? Say, take a url, scan the HTML, look for images satisfying a particular regex (ie, thumbnails) and then use a rule to turn them into links to the real images. Say I have a page with thumbnails that generally follow this rule:


    and the big ones are stored here:

    You would output a list of links, and the user can run something like DownThemAll! to grab all the images. It’d be best as a firefox addon so things like user authentification wouldn’t be a problem. It would work on any website that has albums stored with thumbnails like that, so you couldn’t claim it itself was breaching anything. Users could individually breach a website’s TOS though.

  11. A Says:

    Facebook has no authority over this website, and can’t actually force the takedown of this program (aside from simply throwing a gazillion lawyers at the author and drowning him in paper).

    The terms of service, however, (probably) do constitute a binding contract between Facebook and the individual user, so they could kick out anyone who uses the program.

    In short: making/distributing/downloading/having the program is not illegal. Using it is.

    Of course, IANAL, YMMV, etc.

  12. Adem Says:

    There is a version of facedown on some torrent sites (1.4.2) is this a legitimate version or have you never released it?

  13. CW Says:

    Can someone please send me a copy of the program via email? Going through every picture to download for print is really annoying. I would greatly appreciate if you could. My email is ***, THANKS!

  14. CW Says:

    nvm got it via torrent, cheers

  15. facedown Says:

    can someone upload to a file server and post a link here :s

  16. PirateNinja Says:

    It’s available to download thru torrent anyway. *cough* *cough*

  17. bLs Says:

    How do you find it on there? @pirateninja

  18. reddot12 Says:

    Kudos for the crossed-out download links ;-)
    Hopefully you won’t get sued for that…
    Great tool!

  19. Adrian Vu Says:

    I must say it is a very useful program that saves a lot of the time needed to download the photos manually! Great job! Thanks!

  20. Michael Says:

    When one goes to the photos of (insert person’s name) page and puts that into the program and then clicks download, the Super Stalker Mode is not initiated or offered. How is it activated?

  21. Vincent Cheung Says:

    The super stalker mode no longer works because of changes that Facebook made to its website.

  22. daven156 Says:

    Oh My God. I so NEED this. Could anyone possibly email it to ***? I would be so grateful!

  23. JC Says:

    Any chance of an update to fix anything that is broken (like Super Stalker)?

  24. JK Says:

    keep says ‘logging into facebook’ but never actually does?? any hints? Thanks

  25. Max Broke Into Your Net Says:

    it does enter, u JK should log out of any active connection onto your facebook profile. Open your mozillas/explorers/chromes etc, go to or your profile click out, clean your caches and temp files (i had the same problem dont know why) of all your browsers and it should be fine. open facedown again (easily found at cough any torrent search place cough) after closing all your browsers and insert the correct address. make sure u right click , for example, on “photos of you” then do copy address and paste it into Vince’s programme. It WILL work. Thanks Vince fot this again. BTW anyone wanna try work at the sourcecode, script it into a new software with a new name and similar function. GUYS lets be clear: the SUPER STALKER MODE is not necessary and not always fair (don blame vince) but the tool itsefl its kick ass when u have to download one thousand pics off your facebook. So, lets bring it alive again. Vincent dont give up

  26. Blersia Says:

    Would someone be so kind as to e-mail this program to *** ?

    As I am at Gmail, I simply cannot receive any .exe attachments. So please rename the extension to .poo or something.

    Thanks a million!

  27. Liveservices Says:


    i spent over a week searching for this software. did search torrents and warez sites. fortunately i found this page
    which had posted a download link to the software.

    those who are in need of this software badly, follow that link.

    Happy searching


  28. LW Says:

    I must say it is a very useful program that saves a lot of the time needed to download the photos manually! Great job! Thanks!

  29. Says:

    hey guys
    is there any chance to get it back !
    let me know

  30. daaa! Says:

    read the posts.. you will find a link to the software..

  31. bonecrusher Says:

    I have gotten the program, and clearewd the Firefox cache and tried everything. Apperently FB changed the code it looks for to log in, because all I ever get is:

    “Login Failed. Please check your email and password.”

    I copy and paste the email and pass… so it’s not that. (Use same method to log into FB in Firefox.

    The album dir is correct. (And have tried many different albums/pics/etc addresses).

    So I guess FB fig’d out a way to block 1.4.2.

  32. Pico Says:

    Same problem here. I just can’t log in. Any input?

  33. Vincent Cheung Says:

    Double check your login information, because it still works. If you are sure that you have it right, then it might be your username or password, because strange (non-Latin) characters are not supported.

  34. Pico Says:

    True! It actually worked! It was enough to log out from FB in FF.
    However, the super stalker mode doesn’t work any longer, but it downloads everything else fine.
    Any chance to have all the features working fine?

  35. Pico Says:

    Ah, whops. Read the msg from the 10th of Feb now.

  36. Ccirou3 Says:

    If I were to stumble across this program on a torrent, will it work for Mac OSX?

  37. magic Says:

    Thanks for a nice program.

    And about the super-stalker mode, now facebook has opened up so the link to an album one of your friends is in, is not grayed out anymore. So you don’t access any albums you can’t see the album-pages for.

    Yes, I think it works for Mac OSX.

    There seems to be a problem with albums which has a name containing smileys, hearts or other weird characters. In Windows at least. I am checking for updates, but are there coming any updates of the program?

  38. Jon Says:

    I tried 2 other facebook downloaders before using FaceDown and they did not work at all. FaceDown worked flawlessly. Thanks.

  39. Kam Says:

    I can’t connect to Facebook with this. I get the following message: Can’t connect to Facebook

    I know this tool is currently not being developed, but since it still seems to be working for others, I’m wondering what could be the problem on my end. I checked login credentials and various URL’s but nothing has worked so far.

  40. sugarplumbfairy Says:

    I have been individually downloading each picture and I wish that I could do it all at once. And as a bit bigger file. I have pictures and video that no longer exist, these are all of my daughter (still alive) and of my father whom passed away, because the originals were on a computer that crashed. They are of my one and only daughters childhood and my fathers early years. I would like to preseve these pictures and video. For example her first time walking is one video. I would really like it if someone could help me out with how to get them off of or copied from facebook. It is stupid that you can UL stuff on there but cant get it back in the same format. email is \dim – 45\ at \hotmail\ dot \com\ if you can help!


  41. sugarplumfairy Says:

    oops my bad sorry about the typo in the name, no “b” lol

  42. vert Says:

    i feel the source should be leaked ;)

  43. Viet Nguyen Says:

    I wonder if the way that face down logs in with end up having negative consequences for the account. I know alot of websites will flag or disable a website if someone keeps logging into the account in a short period. For example, if you are downloading an album back to back. I have noticed that face book will not allow you to log in if you just did so 1 minute ago. You actually have to wait. I don’t know if face book will change things, but I can definitely see them suspending an account if you log into it more than 10 times in 1 hour. Is there a way that you can change face down so that it logs in once and stays logged in, instead of logging in each time for each separate album.

  44. Temo Says:

    Can anybody put it on rapidshare or smtng ? do need that kind off app :)

  45. Someone Says:

    This software is not working. It logs in fine, but it doesn’t download anything, even though it appears to do so. When download is finished I go and check the directory I chose there is nothing, just empty directory.

  46. dennis Says:

    Would someone be so kind as to e-mail this program to me

  47. LilyLover84 Says:

    It managed to go through 15 albums and then showed “cann’t log in” error, so I think Viet Nguyen (Dec 19th) is on to something. Also, you would think I’d be able to see the pictures from the 15 albums it did get through, but there is nothing but an empty file. Lastly, from the screenshot page, i don’t see the pictures as they’re downloading, I just see the links in the box change. Is that suppose to happen?

  48. Bob Says:

    Where can I find this tool? The only link to download it is to a forum that is locked down now.

    Big B

  49. Mario Says:

    I know it’s not the same thing but there’s a Firefox plugin to download Facebook albums. You still have to visit each album individually but it’s still better than having to download each picture.

  50. MJoi Says:

    Hi, To anyone who wants to download pix from facebook, I just tried the firefox addon – FacePad. It can download the whole album. You just right click on the album name and click on the “download with Facepad” but you have to click on the “save to folder..” of each pix so it would be a hassle if you need to download 200 pictures or so but at least it’s works :)

    Would love to try the facedown app if anyone has it though coz my friends are camera crazy and they usually upload 100+ pictures. Any updates on when it will be available and won’t be violating any facebook policy?

  51. Michael Says:

    I have been using this tool for ages, it was awesome. Now it no longer works. I always get the “Login failed” message. I would love an update to this tool, or the source code so i can try and update it myself.
    Many thanks, Michael (c# dev).

  52. Ben Says:

    Im having the same login problem as a few people above. Its always worked great for me but not is always saying login failed.
    Would love a fix/update or the source code so I can try to fix too.
    It has been a fab tool and I really really want it back lol

  53. velocirapt0r Says:

    love the comments about leaking to p2p… why do you think the download links were replaced with links to isohunt…? Hint more????
    I too am mourning the lack of source/update though… :(
    Actually, could just write a program to do it manually, by taking over the mouse… could be buggy for slower connections, so that would be for personal use only… anyone think there’s a chance of a dev posting the part of the script that finds the addresses of the photos in a given album? The publication of source isn’t in violation of the agreement, just using said source to write an application and using/distributing that application right? And that can be done via bittorrent, so everyone’s safely anonymous :D

  54. Inside Facebook… For fun and profit. | EBFE Says:

    [...] si peu d’ailleurs que certains, tels FaceDown, ont dû mettre la clé sous la porte pour viol des conditions d’utilisation. Le logiciel est à présent disponible sur les réseaux [...]

  55. Honey V Says:

    It’s available on isohunt. Thanks to everyone involved!!!

  56. Craig Says:

    Any get the lsohunt version of this to work? mine just says download complete but it never actuelly downloads anything :(

  57. Rui M. Silva Says:

    How exactly does Facedown work? I input an URL of a photo from a certain album and all I get in the output folder is always an empty 413bytes index.html file ! :/

  58. A helpful person :D Says:

    It is available @ “”. Register an account & search for it.

  59. A helpful person :D Says:

    Oops sry, typo. site is “”.

  60. Rupee Says:

    The beauty of P2P is that it’s everywhere! I use it now, not because I want to, but because FB says I can’t!

  61. Pakistan Photographer Says:

    Please can someone tell me how i can download this???

  62. karachi photographer Says:

    Hello! Would you mind if I share your blog with my myspace group?
    There’s a lot of people that I think would really enjoy your content. Please let me know. Thanks

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